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  • On the subject of Arwen... books, starlight, and dew, perhaps? Don't know what stars would smell like, but... I'm sure you'd think of something. I'll keep pondering on it. ;]

    camaliscious - here are a few scent ideas for you! Hope this helps a bit!!

    Me and some friends are planning on getting our favorite history teacher a fandle for Christmas! We were planning on making a Legolas candle (smelling like Misty Mountains and mint) but come to find out, her favorite Lord of the Rings character is Arwen. What do you think she would smell like? And will there be some Black Friday or Christmas discount?

    Asked by camaliscious

    We do not have any discounts planned other than those given out at conventions.

    As for what Arwen would smell like, I’m not very well-versed when it comes to Lord of the Rings, but perhaps some of our followers would be able to give you some suggestions?

    What do you think guys? What would Arwen smell like?

    So last night on Facebook we made a big announcement…

    …introducing everyone to our brand new set of Princess fandles!

    Currently we have the lovely Belle, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in a set for you to preorder - these royal beauties will not be available for individual sale until after November 1st! So preorder now to avoid the holiday rush!

    But the best part about preordering the Princesses is that you get ONE MORE Princess for FREE! That’s right - get four gorgeous ladies for the price of three! That’s a lot of nice smelling royalty! This last Princess is being kept under wraps though… she’ll be a secret until you get her! 

    Our secret Princess will also be revealed and available for individual sales after November 1st.

    We hope you guys are as excited for these fandles as we are! 

    And guess what- THEY GLITTER!

    Click the image below to order a set of your own!

    We would appreciate it greatly if you could reblog this post for your followers as well as share our announcement post on Facebook!

    We have updated our FAQ page on our Tumblr as well as on our website! Check them out!!

    Will you be doing any special fandoms for Halloween? You could do the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. Sam from Trick r' treat. Michael (Halloween) Freddy (nightmare on elm st) Jason (Friday the 13th) the Universal Horror Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Bride, ect) The Addams Family characters, The Munsters... SO MANY CHOICES!!

    Asked by Anonymous

    We definitely considered some special Halloween limited edition fandles, but as we are still waiting to release our next permanent set, holiday-specific fandles will unfortunately have to wait until next year.

    Please feel free to order any Halloween related fandles as customs, though! 

    I saw that you made a Death the Kid scented candle for someone. Can you describe what it smells like?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I believe the scents they chose for Death the Kid were pine, paper/books and cinnamon.

    are there any discount codes?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Currently we are not offering any discount codes other than those given during conventions.

    Would it be possible to get a custom order that wasn't a candle but just wax that you could use in an electric warmer/tart warmer/etc?

    We only do container candles, but we have had customers use our candles on an electric warmer before! For one of them we even excluded the wick so that the wax would be nice and even as it melted.

    What does your snitch tea light smell like? Are they as strong as the jars?

    Asked by fems-unite

    All of the jars and tins are the same concentration. The Snitch tin smells like metallic citrus. :)

    If I were to ask for a custom candle do you think you could make one that smelled like a pairing/ship?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Absolutely! We have actually done a custom fandle for “ship” before!

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