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  • Hey! I was just wondering, for the make your own candles, could we (theoretically) put some kinda weird or unusual scents, like ink or fire? I just want to make sure before i order one. Thanks xx

    Asked by Anonymous

    Ink and fire are definitely doable!! Trust me, we have MUCH stranger scents. (See: Pizza, Taco, Puppy Breath…)

    Basically anything you can think of, we can make it! Many of the scents used in our candles are actually mixtures of multiple scents to create a new scent, so the variety of scents we can create is limitless!

    Not really a question. I looooooove this idea! So many people love their fandoms enough to incorporate it into nail polish and clothes. So, of course why not candles?! Im definitely telling all my friends about this! Btw, your hermione candle brought me here and i dont think i can ever go back. <3

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thank you so much! We really appreciate it! 

    you should do some teen wolf scented candles, specifically stiles or Isaac!! ((unless you don't watch that show or aren't into it lol))

    Asked by Anonymous

    We are willing to do candles for fandoms we aren’t fans of! However, at the moment we have many fandoms queued up to be added to our collection, so we aren’t taking suggestions. Custom candles are always an option, though!

    I tried to click on the link for the Supernatural inspired candles and it said "bad request" a little help please?!

    Asked by renners-chick

    Any of our older image posts linked back to our old website. We moved to a different host about two months ago. The easiest way to get to any of our products is straight through the website -

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