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  • Hi. I recently received my Harry and Sherlock candles and I just lit them and I'm just wondering how long until I can smell them. I trimmed the wick and everything but the scents are really weak. Do I have to be burning them for like an hour for them to work?

    Asked by fems-unite

    Sorry you are having issues with the scent! Do they smell strongly when you are not burning them? Depending on the oils sometimes they do need to heat up a good amount before the scent throw is strong. Also it is recommended to burn them for at least an hour at a time for the wax pool to become even.

    Please let us know if your scent throw continues to be weak.

    Hey guys, I was wondering, I'm wanting one that is for firestar for warriors, and was wondering if I can make two characters in one candle? And how. Ugh is shipping :3

    Asked by countrykid13

    Sure, you can do however many characters you want in one fandle, as long as you’re okay with their scents being together or want the layers to be for different characters! We just had someone order a Fred & George fandle.

    Shipping depends on your location but is mostly based on weight, with one fandle being about $10 for the continental US.

    Edit: We discovered an issue with our shipping- USPS wasn’t an option! With USPS now an option, that is usually a much cheaper option for the continental US, especially if you’re located closer to us. (Shipping to our house from our workplace was $13 with UPS…that doesn’t make sense!) So I would say you can expect shipping costs to be under $10 now for one fandle within the continental US.

    Are you girls thinking about introducing a new range of candles. I'm dying to see what you girls have next? :D

    Asked by Anonymous

    We have a new set that we will be releasing within the next month!

    Maybe it was because I went to use the Paypal method that the shipping didn't show or maybe it was just a random bug. Thanks for the help though!

    Asked by Anonymous

    Perhaps! I hope everything worked out for you in the end!


    “I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice!”

    Here it is! Our Limited Edition Sailor Moon fandle! Less than 100 of these are available for purchase. Half of the proceeds will go to help a friend’s family out with medical bills. If you’re interested in learning more about this cause, or to donate outside of purchasing one of these fandles, click here-

    To purchase this fandle, click the image.

    (via fandlemonium)

    Maybe it's just a mobile thing but when I go to find the shipping price of a candle and put it in my cart and even go to pay, the price of shipping doesn't come up and the price stays at $25

    Asked by Anonymous

    That’s very strange… Just to check I went on my phone and placed a random item in my cart and went to check out- this is what I got before I even gave a payment method.

    Are you using our site or Etsy? Also, perhaps you entered your shipping address incorrectly? I’m not entirely sure but that may affect the way it calculates shipping. 

    Let us know if you have any more issues with mobile and we’ll do our best to figure out what’s going wrong - we definitely want our mobile site to be accessible and if others are having the same issues we want to be able to resolve this ASAP. Aside from that for now you may have to forgo the mobile site if you want to be able to see shipping costs.

    What's the shipping on a custom candle? I tried to find it but came up with nothing.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Shipping is base on weight so it would be the same as a normal fandle.

    I was wondering if you offer some kind of mass-discount? Also, as far as I have seen, you've only written the shipping costs for 1-2 candles, but what if I want to buy more? Will the shipping still be the same as for 2, then?

    Are you talking about domestic or international shipping? As far as I know, the only shipping costs for 1-2 fandles I’ve mentioned were to the UK. The last domestic order placed for 3 fandles had a shipping cost of about $15. I’m not sure how much the shipping increases with each additional fandle, but you can always go to checkout and see your shipping costs without confirming your purchase.

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